IP rating IP65, all-weather applications
Unique X structure design,supporting pulling force of 300kg, stable and safe.
500mm*500mm frame design, magnesium alloy material, each module is as light as 7.5kg, ensuring efficient transport and installation.
Fast and perfect arc connection lock system, adjustable angles from -10°~ +10°
Modular design, cable-free connection,
replace the power box within only
30 seconds;
Magnetic modular structure, front and rear maintenance,replacing LED PCB within
10 seconds;
Ultra silent, fan-free design, convection cooling, efficient and stable;
3840Hz refresh rate, clear and vivid display with high definition.
Black SMD LED,160°/140°wide view angle , 5000:1contrast, high grey scale
Real-time information of working status(voltage, temprature,running time)with smart monitor system.
Hanging or Stacking installation available.
X panel can be used into X Rover Pro within one minute. Simple panel, multiple function.