Huasuny Trans-eyes LED display enters into Muscat airport

2017-08-11 08:22:50 Click:

Huasuny Transparent LED Screen TS-8 project is located in Muscat new airport arrival hall- the biggest international airport in Oman. 240 sq.m areas total 12 double-sided transparent LED screens are suspended under two rotating hexagon structures and controlled by electric motor automatically.


大国智造,扬名海外︱HUASUNY动感,双面,高通透LED玻璃屏Trans-eyes P8点亮阿曼马斯喀特首都国际机场


日前,HUASUNY海外工程部传来捷报:HUASUNY旗下高通透LED显示屏Trans-eyes Series从100多家LED显示屏厂商中脱颖而出,中标阿曼马斯喀特首都国际机场大厅240平米LED显示屏项目。 此次项目由HUASUNY研发设计团队和美国知名建筑设计公司联合打造,采用独特的双面六角形,自动旋转设计结构,360度立体高清视频显示,并融合阿拉伯地域风情特色设计而成。项目落成后,阿曼国王亲自视察,给予高度评价,并与HUASUNY签订战略合作协议。

This project was designed by a famous USA architecture company and completed by Huasuny. With unique appearance, light weight, ultra thin, high brightness and up to 80% transparency , our TS-8 LED screen is the most attractive view in Muscat airport and the first double-sided transparent LED screen project in Middle East.