2017 Twins # Live in USA, Huasun Awaken Your Youth Memories

2017-03-24 21:09:08 Click:


Twins Say hello again with you in Reno. Twins Live Around The World # Live in USA, this Convert was successfully holded, it was the starting of their Live Show with the first stop in Overseas in Reno Events Center in 2017.


Twins 'LOL Live Around The World' - USA REN Was the the most amazing concert Audience ever experienced. This concert is centered around positive energy, rave parties, and online buzzwords "LOL". Debuted 15 years of

Twins will bring a series of new surprises for their fans.




The Twins concert stage layout is designed for quick installation and disassembly with Huasun flexible light weight LED Screen. Huasun Galaxias P3 & P6 flexible LED Curtain and Rubik P6 Foldble LED Screen add radiance

to each other on the stage.  Those screens with free combination between each other. Galaxias Series and Rubik Series showed high definition, high brightness, low gray features, those features brought a presented and

fantastic experience for fans, it is a unique visual feast.

Huasun Flexible LED Screen will bring you more than a concert.