Trans-eyes series LED display sprung up without any caution

2016-11-10 16:37:28 Click:


Recently, the modern building with glass wall became more and more popular as it was one of the best eye-catching advertisement. However,traditional LED display was too difficult to install with large volume, heavy weight and visible structure.

To offer the best solution for our clients, Huasun released Trans-eyes series transparent glass LED display with different pitch. It was well recognized by customers and sprung up everywhere around world in one year as its light weight, ultra-thin design and easy installation. Even more, 80% transparency makes it visible behind the glass with high quality visual effect.

How to make your advertisement fabulous and stunning? All you need to do is just one simple step:hang or fix it behind the glass wall.


Shopping Mall in India

High definition video display with 8000 nits brightness is absolutely an eye-catching application for customers.




Gymnasium in UK

The transparent LED display looks the same as the building itself .


Haarhuis Hotel in Netherlands

Easy installation and maintenance saves you more than 60% labor cost and installation time.


Commercial street in Spain 

High transparency 80% makes advertisement looks smart under sunshine.


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